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How 5kJobber Works

5kJobber® is the world’s largest marketplace for services starting at N5,000. A service offered on 5kJobber is called a Jobb®. Jobbs on 5kJobber are offered for a fixed, base price of N5,000 (also referred to as one 5kJobber). Whenever you see ‘I will _for N5,000″, it means the seller is offering a Jobb for the fixed price of N5,000.
Signing Up
Signing up to 5kJobber is free and can be done here. Only registered users may buy and sell on 5kJobber.
After successfully signing up, you’ll want to check your registration email for the activation link provided in a welcome email. If you created an account some time ago, the link may not work. You can request a new link while you’re logged in to your account, even if it’s not activated yet, or ask Customer Support for assistance.
For Buyers
You can browse the homepage, category or subcategory pages, or use the search to find a Jobb you wish to purchase. All Jobbs start at N5,000 and some contain extra services, which you can purchase as well. Just click Order Now to make a purchase. You have several ways to pay for the service.
Note: All purchases are subject to a processing fee, $0.50 on purchases up to $10 and 5% on purchases above $10.
For Jobbers [Sellers]
Buyers pay 5kJobber for orders in advance. Each N5,000 Jobb you sell and successfully deliver, accredits your account with a net revenue of N4,000. 5kJobber accredits Jobbers [Sellers] once an order is completed. See our Terms of Service for a definition of a completed order.
Within 5kJobber’s website, you will come across certain terms, which are specific to 5kJobber. Take a look at the list below to see the common terminology used on the site and their respective definitions.
• Buyer: A registered user who is able to purchase Jobbs on 5kJobber.Com.
• Collections: A list of favorite Jobbers [Sellers] that users can “collect” / create for easy access later.
• Custom Offers: These are exclusive offers that a seller can create in response to specific requirements of a buyer.
• DamnQuickPaytm: A service provided by PayPal in which, when activated, buyers can instruct PayPal to pay N5,000 from their account each time they click the Order Now button – without going through PayPal’s entire login > pay > approve process.
• Dashboard: The Dashboard is located on the shopping and sales analytics page to show the statistical numbers associated with the user’s activity on 5kJobber.
• Disputes: These are disagreements experienced during an order between a buyer and seller.
• Express Jobbs: Jobbs that are delivered within 24 hours.
• Featured: A Jobb that is listed towards the top of either the home page or a specific category page with the “Featured” banner visible on the thumbnail of the Jobb.
• Financial Freedom: The thought of becoming financially independent (not working 9-5 with a company, rather setting your own working hours, etc.). With 5kJobber, users are able to turn their skills and passions into income, on their own terms.
• 5kJobber Anywhere: This feature allows Jobbers [Sellers] to take 5kJobber business anywhere, on your blog, Facebook, messages and much more.
• 5kJobber Revenues Card: A debit card powered by MasterCard, which allows users to load the card with 5kJobber revenues and then use it as a regular credit card.
• 5kJobber User Protection Policy: 5kJobber’s promise to keep user information private and secure. 5kJobber users can choose to remain anonymous even when paying or getting paid.
• Follow: Users can follow other users’ collections by clicking “follow”. This means when other users make a collection and you follow it, you see all Jobbs in that user’s collection.
• Jobb: A service offered on 5kJobber’s website. For example, a Jobb can be “I will create a logo design for N5,000”.
• Jobb Extras®: Option to offer additional services within the same Jobb. For example, if a user is offering a caricature (head and shoulders) drawing for N5,000, the Jobb Extras could offer a full body caricature for $10, or two people in the caricature for N5,000, etc.
• Jobb® Metadata: This is a feature that allows you to specify details of your Jobb in the form of a keyword. This will help widen your Jobb’s exposure when buyers search for services relevant to your Jobb on 5kJobber®. For example, a voiceover artist may add Metadata to describe the language they speak, the accent they use, or the file type they deliver to buyers.
• Handpicked Jobbs: Handpicked Jobbs are Jobbs that the content moderation team has specifically picked to appear on the category and subcategory pages.
• Levels: 5kJobber Jobbers [Sellers] can gain account statuses (Level 1, Level 2 …) based on their activity, performance, and reputation.
• Multiples: Option to offer multiple Jobbs according to your status. For example, if a user offers a 50-word voiceover Jobb, you can order two of the same Jobb to receive 100-words.
• Nudge Nudge: When a buyer has purchased a Jobb and has not submitted the information required for the Jobb to start, Jobbers [Sellers] can click the “Nudge Nudge” button. The text that is sent to the buyer is, “Any news about the stuff I need for your order? If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help.”
• Order: When a buyer purchases a Jobb, it’s considered an order.
• Rating: Best rated and most active Jobbers [Sellers].
• Request Jobbs: The option for a registered buyer to submit a request for services (Jobbs). For example, a buyer can post a request for a logo design by writing “Create a logo design”.
• Responsiveness (or Response Rate): This tracks how quickly you respond to the first inbox message from a potential buyer within 24 hours of receiving that message. Response time is based on the last 30 days of a your activity.
• Revenue: This is the money Jobbers [Sellers] earn from completed orders.
• Seller: A registered user who offers Jobbs on 5kJobber.Com.
• Shopping Cart: This is a feature to assist buyers to purchase Jobbs in bulk. This will allow buyers the opportunity to purchase multiple Jobbs from one or more seller at the same time. Jobbers [Sellers] can direct their buyers to use the Shopping cart feature to arrange for the payment of orders that the buyer and seller agreed on.
• Tagged with: Tags (terms) that users place on their Jobbs to help categorize the Jobb.
• The 5kJobber Directory: Also known as “5kJobber Jobbs Directory”. These are Jobbs listed (grouped) into categories and subcategories.
• Top Rated Jobbers [Sellers]: Are chosen manually by 5kJobber moderators from the list of the highest seller level based on a list of criteria, including seniority, volume of sales, extremely high rating, exceptional customer care and community leadership. Top Rated Jobbers [Sellers] gain access to more extensive features than previous levels, including exclusive access to beta features and VIP support.


When an order is marked as Incomplete, the buyer is still required to submit the requested information for the seller to complete the order. The order status can not be adjusted until the buyer replies to the seller’s instructions.

Note: As Jobbers [Sellers], you can leave this section blank if you do not require any further information.

A buyer will see a large orange ribbon indicating a reply to the instructions is required to start the order.

A seller will see an option to “Nudge” your buyer to notify them to reply to the instructions. After a week has passed from the original order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.

In Progress

When an order is marked as In Progress, this means that the buyer has replied to the seller’s instructions and the seller is expected to deliver within an expected time period set by the seller.

A buyer will see the expected delivery date in their progress bar.

A seller will also see the expected delivery date, but also the option to deliver the order clearly marked at the top.


When an order is marked as Delivered, the seller has sent a final delivery message for the buyer to review. A buyer can accept the delivery with feedback, or require modifications to be made to for the order.

A Buyer can leave Feedback on the order through the green feedback box. All feedback messages are displayed on the seller’s Jobb. You can choose to not leave a comment to rate the seller without displaying it on their Jobb page. Also, you can reject the delivery by requesting modifications and allow the seller to follow up with a new delivery.

A seller will be able to deliver again (if necessary while delivering multiple files – not necessary if you’ve already delivered). If the delivery requires modifications, the seller can deliver again for the buyer to review any revisions made. Orders that do not require shipping will be marked as complete three days after the order is delivered if the buyer doesn’t reject or complete the order. Jobbs that require shipping will take 14 days.


When an Order is Rejected, the Buyer requires the Seller to revise the Delivery to fit the Buyer’s requirements. The Seller is prompted to Deliver again and both users are encouraged to communicate in the order page to sort out any issues with the Delivery. The Seller is not timed on Delivering their modifications.

A Buyer will see a message to indicate that modifications were requested to the Seller on their progress bar.

A Seller will see an Orange ribbon on their order page to prompt them to Deliver again.


When an order is marked as Dispute, a mutual cancellation was proposed by either the buyer or seller. Mutual cancellations will automatically cancel an order after two days if the receiving party doesn’t reply to the request. Both buyers and Jobbers [Sellers] will see a cancellation request update on the progress bar with how many days left before the order is canceled and have the option to abort the cancellation to return it to the previous order status.


When an order is marked as complete, the order automatically closed after 3/14 days, or the buyer left feedback on their order. The seller is rewarded the revenue for the order and the mandatory 14 day clearance period will start from the time the order is marked as complete.

Note: The waiting period for Top Rated Jobbers [Sellers] is seven days.

A buyer sees a message in their progress bar to confirm the order status

A seller will also see the confirmation message, as well as the amount of revenue they earn. You can now rate your experience with the buyer.


When an order is marked as Late, the seller missed the expected duration time to deliver. Buyers are entitled to cancel their order if there’s no further response from the seller. If a seller does deliver soon after the order is marked as late, the buyer will be given the chance to request modifications or complete the order and rating their experience accordingly.

Very Late

24 hours have passed since the order is marked as Late. Similar to what’s mentioned above, the buyer is now able cancel the order within the order page (also using the Resolution Center). When an order is canceled from this status by the buyer, a seller is given a negative rating.


You need to create an account to purchase services and to become a seller on 5kJobber.
Note: You can start the purchase process without having an account, but before the purchase can be completed, an account must be created.
To create an account:
1. From the 5kJobber home page, click Join.
2. Enter your email address and click CONTINUE.

Note: You can also join with Facebook and Google Connect.
3. Choose a username.

Note: Your username cannot be changed once you’ve activated your account.

4. Choose a password and click JOIN.
You are now a registered user on 5kJobber, but you will need to activate your account. An email is sent to the email address you registered with.

Note: This activation link in the email will be valid for 30 days. After 30 days, when logged in to 5kJobber, you can click Resend and you will receive another email also active for 30 days.
5. Within the email you receive from 5kJobber, click ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT.
After your account is active, you can make purchases or start selling on 5kJobber.

5kJobber allows you to connect using your Facebook or Google Account. This speeds up the registration process since you are not required to create a password and no email verification method is necessary.
To join 5kJobber with Facebook or Google:
1. Go to https://www.5kJobber.com.
2. Click Join.
4. To continue with the registration, sign into your account. You will see the information that 5kJobber uses with this connect feature.
5. Click ACCEPT.
To connect your existing account to Facebook or Google:
1. Once logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Settings > Account Settings.
2. Scroll to the bottom and click either FACEBOOK CONNECT or GOOGLE CONNECT and follow the instructions.

We hate to see you go, but if you insist, then you can close your account. For example, if you no longer use 5kJobber or would like to change your username.
When you deactivate your account:
• Your profile and Jobbs won’t be listed on 5kJobber.
• Any open orders will be cancelled and refunded.
• You won’t be able to reactivate your Jobbs.
To deactivate your account:
1. Place your mouse over your username and click Settings > Account Actions.
2. In the Why are you leaving? section, select a reason from the drop-down list.
3. Click Deactivate Account.
You will receive a message indicating that your 5kJobber account is closed.
Note: If you have funds in your account, you will need to withdraw your funds before deactivating your account.
Securing your account is an important feature, which adds an additional layer of protection for your revenue withdrawals and changing your password.
To secure your account:
1. Once logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Settings > Security Settings.
2. In the SECURITY QUESTION area, click SET.
3. From the PLEASE SELECT A QUESTION drop-down list, select a question that you feel comfortable with.
4. Enter your answer in the field below the question and click SUBMIT.
To edit your security settings:
1. Once logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Settings > Security Settings.
2. In the ANSWER SECURITY QUESTION area, provide the answer to the security question you set.
3. In the SET SECURITY QUESTION area, from the PLEASE SELECT A QUESTION drop-down list, select a question that you feel comfortable with.
4. Enter your answer in the field below the question and click SUBMIT.

Note: If you forget your security question, you will need to contact Customer Support with documentation to verify your account.

It is recommended that you change your password every three months.
To reset your password:
1. Once logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Settings > Change Password.
2. Enter your current password, and then enter your new password and confirm it.

Note: The stronger your password is, the better protected your 5kJobber account will be.
A strong password:
• Is at least six characters long.
• Does not contain your username, real name, or company name.
• Does not contain a complete word.
• Is significantly different from previous passwords.

As a seller, once you have available funds for withdrawal, you can define your PayPal account. A link to change your PayPal email information will appear in the Account Settings page after you have defined it.
To change the PayPal email associated with your account:
1. Once logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Settings > Account Settings.
2. In the PayPal area, click the link to change the email in your profile associated with PayPal.
The Security Question Confirmation page appears.
3. Answer the security question and click SUBMIT.
An email with instructions will be sent to your PayPal email. For security reasons, updating your PayPal email will disable PayPal withdrawals on the account for 24 hours.
4. Click the link in the email you receive to update your PayPal email on your 5kJobber account.
5. From the Change PayPal Address page, enter the new PayPal email address you would like associated with your account.

Note: You will need to be logged in to access the Change PayPal Address page.


You can manage your 5kJobber related tasks from one page, which is also known as the Dashboard page. This page shows all of your pending tasks, listed in order of priority.
To manage your 5kJobber tasks:
1. After you log in, from the main menu, click the Dashboard icon.
The Dashboard page is displayed.
2. The tasks you need to complete are listed in the TO-DOS section. All you have to do is click the task (button) to complete the action. For example, if you received an order and are ready to deliver your work, place your mouse over the task, then click Deliver Now to complete the task.
Viewing Your Profile
Your profile contains the following information:
• Positive Rating: This shows your overall seller rating displayed by percentage.
• Response Time: This tracks how quickly you respond to the first inbox message from a potential buyer within 24 hours of receiving that message. Response time is based on the last 30 days of a your activity.
• Response Rate: This shows the percentage of inquiries you responded to in the last 30 days. It also displays your average response time.
• Orders Completed: This shows your completed orders without cancellations by percentage.
• Delivered on Time: This shows the overall percentage of orders delivered on time (past 60 days).
Viewing Your Analytics
Your dashboard contains the following information:
• Sales in Queue: This shows how many orders you have in your queue.
• Earned This Month: This shows the amount of money from orders that have entered the clearing period within the calendar month. For example, you will see revenues from completed orders and pending orders during this month.
• Open Purchases: This shows your open orders, if you have made purchases on 5kJobber.
• Shopping Balances: This shows your shopping balance, which may be used for purchases on 5kJobber.
My Contacts enables you to keep in touch with 5kJobber users you have interacted with in the past. Your contact lists display key interactions between you and your contact; the number of completed orders, the amount spent, when the last order was made, and a link to your Inbox conversation.
To access My Contacts:
1. After you log in, from the main menu, click the Dashboard icon.
The Dashboard page is displayed.
2. From the top menu, click Contacts.
3. To the left, you can select My Buyers to view the list of your previous buyers or My Jobbers [Sellers] to view a list of Jobbers [Sellers] you’ve ordered from.
In the contacts list, you can see:
• Chat Bubble: When clicked, you are redirected to the last comment in your conversation with your contact.
• Send Offer: By clicking Send Offer, Jobbers [Sellers] can create a Custom Offer for their buyers.
Note: You can also see an icon next to the usernames in the list, which indicate the buyer status, such as5kJobber Top Buyer.
The notifications area contains information related to your 5kJobber account, which include direct links to actions you can take later.
To access your notifications:
1. Once logged in, from the top menu, click the Notifications icon to expand.
2. To see more notifications, scroll down and click Load More.
Note: Each notification contains a link. The Notifications will not be marked as read until you click Mark all as read.
In the notifications area, you can see:
• Orders that were created.
• Information that was submitted.
• Orders that were updated.
• Completed orders.
• Modifications requests.
• Positive reviews on orders.
• much more…


Your inbox is where you receive messages regarding Jobbs. You can archive old messages and view conversation threads between buyers and Jobbers [Sellers] like a typical email client. Links to your previous history, with other users, is provided for your convenience. You can also see icons next to the usernames in the list of messages, which indicate the buyer status, such as 5kJobber Top Buyer and Repeat Buyer.
You can also see updates to any of your orders through your inbox. Clicking on the message will take you to the relevant order page to continue your conversation.
Note: If you receive any message that is considered to be spam or violates our Terms of Service, please click the Report button found in the bottom right corner next to the time stamp on the message.
To perform actions in your inbox:
1. Once logged in, from the main menu, click the Inbox icon.
2. To the left of each email, you can select the check box and perform a number of options on one or more emails.
• You can use the search box to the right to search orders, users, and messages.
• To send a message, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Enter (PC) or Cmd + Enter (Mac).
The following are available options:
Note: Once logged in, you can see menu items on the left, which reflect the options available on the page.
• All/None: By clicking on the check box drop-down, you can select All or None to perform bulk actions on the emails in your view. For example, you can select all emails and then click Move to Archive to archive these emails.
• Read/Unread: By clicking on the check box drop-down, you can select Read or Unread to perform bulk actions on emails that meet this criteria. On the menu, you can click Unread to filter and see all unread emails in your view.
• Starred/Unstarred: By clicking on the check box drop-down, you can select Starred orUnstarred to perform bulk actions on emails that meet this criteria. On the menu, can clickStarred to filter and see all emails you marked with a star. To mark an email that’s important (star), just click the Star icon next to the email.
• Archived: By selecting one or more emails, you can move the emails to the archive. On the menu, you can click Archived to filter and see all archived emails in your view.
• Sent: You can click Sent to see all the emails you have sent or replied to.
• Orders: Any messages, such as updates, which relate to an order will appear here.
• Custom Offers: On the menu, you can click Custom Offers to see a view of all email conversations in which you sent a Custom Offer.
• Follow-up: By selecting one or more emails, you can create a follow-up label to help you keep track of your communications. On the menu, you can click Follow-up to filter and see a list of all emails you have to follow up on.
• Nudge: By selecting one or more emails, you can create a Nudge label to help you keep track of your communications. On the menu, you can click Nudge to filter and see a list of all emails you have marked with this label.
• New Label: You can click this to add a personalized label.
• RESPONSE RATE: This is the response rate indicator, which shows the percentage of inquiries you responded to in the last 30 days. It also displays your average response time.

How is this calculated?

If you fail to respond within 24 hours, it will affect your rating. The percentage is calculated by dividing replies by first time messages in the past 30 days. For example, if you received 10 first time messages in the past 10 days (one each day) and you answered nine of them within 24 hours, your response rate will be 90%.
Note: Next to each label, you can click the Edit icon, to rename the label or click the Delete icon, to remove the label.
Within each individual email, you can:
• Starred/Unstarred, Move to Archive, Mark as Unread: You can perform these actions as described above.
• Delete: You can click the Delete icon to permanently delete the email.
• Labels/Conversation(s): You can give your email a specific label by selecting from the drop-down list.
• Add to Todo’s: If you feel the email is important and you would like to take action on it at a later time, you can add it to your ToDo page.
• Purchases Related: If there was a purchase related to this user, you can click the Purchase link and go to the details of the order.
• Sales Related: If there was a sale related to this user, you can click the Sale link and go to the details of the order.
The Public Profile Settings section allows you to introduce yourself to the 5kJobber community and customize how you would like to view 5kJobber.
To set your public profile settings:
1. Once logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Settings > Public Profile Settings.
2. In the PUBLIC PROFILE area, click Choose File and select a profile photo.
3. In the SOMETHING ABOUT YOU area, introduce yourself to the 5kJobber community by writing a short description.

Note: Do not include any personal contact information or personal URLs in this area. For allowed URLs, please see the approved URL list.

4. In the ONLINE STATUS field, select for how long you want to go offline (i.e. 1 HOUR, 1 DAY, or 1 WEEK). By default, your status is listed as online. This allows your Jobbs to be visible under the online search filter.

Note: If you don’t want the online status indication on the site, then from the GO OFFLINE drop-down, select FOREVER.

5. In the I CAN COMMUNICATE IN area, select the languages you can speak by clicking add language and selecting the language. This allows buyers and Jobbers [Sellers] to feel comfortable communicating with you in their native language.

Note: If you select Spanish as one of the languages you can communicate in, you will be allowed to add a translation to your English Jobb.


In the account settings, you can define your email, billing address, and other information.
Note: This information is for internal use only and not available to the public.
To define your account settings:
1. Once logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Settings > Account Settings.
2. Enter your full name and email address.
3. In the Notifications area, select if you would like to receive emails or push notifications for inbox messages, order messages, and order statuses.
4. In the Billing Information area, enter your name, address, country, and VAT number. By the 15th of the following month, individual invoices for each purchase will automatically be issued to your email, based on the billing information provided.

Note: The VAT field is for European users only. For residents in Israel, a VAT ID is mandatory.
5. You can connect your 5kJobber account through Facebook and Google by clicking the relevant buttons.